Picture affinity | A virtual closing activity

This is a simple and fun activity that I learnt in the eModeration course I’m currently attending. You can use it to conclude a virtual lesson (although you could also use it in a face to face classroom) with some fun reflection.



A slide with some pictures. I’ve chosen pictures of people displaying various emotions or moods but you could also use something more abstract. Number the pictures for ease of reference.


  • Tell the Ss that just before you end the session, you would like them to reflect on what they have learnt during the lesson. Pose a question that prompts Ss to consider who confident they feel about putting what they learnt into application. For example, I used this technique right away in one of my virtual sessions which is a part of a longer blended program ending with a formal presentation made to panel of leaders from the participant’s organization. So I asked them how they were feeling about the presentation they were tasked with delivering in October.
  • Ask Ss to choose how they are feeling by either typing their name on the image or placing a stamp from drawing tools or indicating their preference in Chat. I asked them to place the arrow stamp because the platform that I use tells you who placed what when you hover your cursor over it.
  • Then nominate participants to tell you why they choose this image and if appropriate what support they would need to get to a more positive or confident image such as A in the following example.

Picture affinity