Illustrations from images | Shapes in Adobe Capture

Adobe capture

Here’s a quick post about an app I’ve just started exploring. Adobe Capture is a free smartphone app with in-app camera that lets you do a lot of really interesting graphic design edits. I’ve been looking at the ‘shapes’ function which converts images into pen and ink-type illustrations. Here are some examples of things I took pictures of.

Shape 4

Shape 1

Shape 2 (1)

What’s interesting is that it does a pretty good job with fairly complex objects with lots of details and contours like this statue.

The app is fairly intuitive but here are the steps I followed to convert some keys on my kitchen counter. You can get rid of the background and any other distractions (you can see my shadow in the first couple of images) using a combination of the contrast slider and the wand. Any bits and bobs that are left can be erased. A smoothing function will make things look regular – in this case it actually gets rid of some nice details so you’ll need to play around to get the best results.

The final image gets saved as an SVG file in your own Adobe library but you can export it as an SVG or PNG file. Although I haven’t quite figured out how – you can also export assets as vectors which could be really useful.

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These illustrations would look quite nice in print materials and create a cohesive visual look across say a participant guide, addressing issues associated with printing colour images in black and white. They could also work well in online layouts to create a minimalist course look.

Adobe Capture is available for iOS and Android phones.