adi.pngAdi Rajan 

I’m a teacher trainer, teacher, facilitator and learning architect from Bombay, India.

My professional interests include edtech, disruptive innovation, languages, culture and humanism.

Connect with me on Twitter at @adi_rajan


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    • Words I could repeat about your own blog 🙂 Your experiences are full of lessons for me. I particularly like how the theme of English & development runs through many of your posts – it’s a subject that really interests me.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your experience in Bangkok taking your DELTA. I was wondering if you would share some detail on what you did for your “DELTA Entry Task”. It’s been 3 years since I took my CELTA and the terminology seems familiar, but I don’t want to screw up and not get accepted.


    • I don’t think it’s something you need to worry about. It’s quite straightforward. The entry task comprises the following:

      A lesson plan and evaluation: details of a lesson you taught recently, including level, group, context, aims, materials and effectiveness, including strengths and weaknesses.
      Language Awareness Task.
      Essay: An example would be the analysis of a group of students you have taught, identifying the difficulties in one of the following areas: Phonology, Listening skills, Specific grammar point, Writing skills.
      Teaching Experience: a concise list of your teaching experiences to date.
      Materials: a brief list of the published teaching materials that you have used and are the most familiar with.

      The only ostensibly challenging bit is the language awareness tasks but you don’t need to know specific bits of terminology to get through that. You just need Swan and perhaps Parrott’s books on grammar. There are several questions that relate to phonology and functions but they are also fairly straightforward.

      If you’re feeling particularly anxious about Delta terminology, you might want to start reading Thornbury’s A to Z of ELT. Hope this helps.


  2. Reading your blog was an experience with lots to take home.Learning about your experiences with the Delta course was useful. I am planning to do my Delta Module two in Thailand in Changmai, on offer during October .I was just wondering, if you would recommend this centre for the intensive course.Thanks in Advance


    • Hi Shoba. I’m glad you found my post useful. I can’t really comment on the centre in Chiang Mai as all I know is based on hearsay. I know there are at least two firms offering the Celta there (including IH). Sandy Milin has taught the Celta at a new centre in Chiang Mai and I have an acquaintance who did the Celta there at another facility. They seem to have had largely positive experiences both as tutors and students. I’m not so sure about the Delta in Chiang Mai though.


  3. Hi Adi, thanks for following my blog! I see you’ve been writing a lot about the three topics I’m particularly interested in: Delta, Business English, and intercultural skills. So many posts to catch up on! I’m sure I will be dropping by regularly.


    • Thank you for stopping by Gosia! I have to say that I’m amazed how prolific a blogger you are. You’ve got a ton of lesson plan ideas and activities up on your blog in just two months! Catch ya round.


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