Life in the 21st century | An image-based lesson

Life in the 21st century.png

Here’s the third assignment from the ITDI course I did a couple of months ago on Creating ELT Materials with Katherine Bilsborough. We were asked to design materials around an image or images. I created some activities around three public domain images from the late 19th century. At the turn of the century, several French artists imagined what life in the 21st century would be like and they came up with some pretty fanciful images. The materials I designed focus on grammar – and a somewhat obscure but useful grammar point –  ‘future in the past’ structures with some speaking activities. My  favourite is image 1!

Have you ever used public domain images to develop materials?


6 thoughts on “Life in the 21st century | An image-based lesson

      • I never thought to use pp for some reason, I just liked the style/ formatting you used so was interested. A nice language point to teach, but primarily a good topic. It fits with a unit I’m teaching soon which the learners usually enjoy so I’m keen to use it. Cheers Adi! (Well done on the scholarship btw, I saw something about it on Twitter)

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  1. Thanks Adi, just wondered what questions and tasks you gave the students to go along with the image you posted about? I’m thinking of ways to use more images in the classroom? was it in pairs or in a big group? thank you.


    • Hi Adam, you’ll find the questions on the second page of the handout which can be downloaded from Scribd. I got my learners to look at the images in pairs but this was preceded by a mingle where they discussed ideas for how life might be different in the future. All the instructions are in the handout.

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      • Thank you Adi, super helpful! Much appreciated.
        love the idea of using pairs more – when we take these conversations to the main class – they are difficult to facilitate and only a few participate,


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