Upcoming webinars for ELT educators | Sep & Oct 2018

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Here are some webinars to keep you busy over the next two months! I’m especially curious about this new ‘What about …’ series from MAWSIG. There are also a couple of interesting ones from Oxford and National Geographic. I’ll keep updating the list if I come across any others. Do let me know if I’ve missed any.

An asterisk (*) means that you’ll need to register to attend.

Business English & ESP


Materials writing

Large classes

Learner autonomy

For Teacher educators



Young learner

Webinars for Teacher’s Day

The British Council is doing a series of five webinars to mark International Teacher’s Day on Oct 5. You can register here.

  • Connecting with Teacher Educators | Kirsteen Donaghy, Ellen Darling and Sirin Soyoz | Oct 5, 0800 UK
  • Using your brain: what neuroscience can teach us about learning | Rachael Roberts  | Oct 5, 1000 UK
  • ‘Native speakerism’, identity and ELT | Neenaz Ichaporia and Manisha Dak. Hosted by Chia Suan Chong | Oct 5, 1200 UK
  • Ideas and strategies for low-resource classrooms | Deborah Bullock, Amol Padwad and Richard Smith | Oct 5, 1400 UK
  • Constructing the multilingual mindset | Maria Norton | Oct 5, 1600 UK

Other topics

Image attribution: Photo by Dillon Shook on Unsplash

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