IATEFL 2017 LTSIG Day | Some resources & thoughts


This is a pre-conference event I would have loved to have watched or attended, particularly because the Learning Technologies Special Interest Group collaborated with the Teacher Development Special Interest Group and both are areas I’m really interested in.

Here’s some stuff I found on the event. The first one is a short video by Will Leung – a nice overview of the day’s flow and topics that were explored.

And here’s Marisa’s Storify. I found this very useful because it had specific references to the tools that were being presented.

Here are my two bits on these tools:

Articulate Storyline: It’s a fantastic course authoring tool but it’s time consuming and really, really expensive. In fact, Articulate have recently published their new all-inclusive version Articulate 360 and I haven’t even bothered looking at the trial because given the price tag, there really is no point (unless you’re an institution that has money to burn).

Office Mix: I’ve had this PowerPoint add-in for the last six months and I haven’t yet used it. In fact I’ve been trying to get rid of it because it hogs my Webcam and blocks other applications (Camtasia, Document projectors) from using it. I’m going to revisit it based on David Read’s recommendation and see if it has any utility. In any case, I’m just not able to rid myself of the darn thing!

Edpuzzle: I’ve explored this tool but I just haven’t been able to use it for an actual lesson. I’m going to give it another go.

H5P: I hadn’t heard of this one before. It’s a web-based tool for creating HTML5 content and has a rang e of interaction types for learning. Seems free.

You can download David Read’s presentation and see examples of content created with each of these tools using this nifty interaction David has created in Storyline.
Joe Dale delivered a presentation on using the green screen in the language classroom. I’m really quite intrigued. Joe has shared some details in this Google doc and in this presentation but I’m not really sure about the specifics of how the green screen is being used. I don’t see anything on his blog either although a search throw up a couple of links. Might shoot him a mail.

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