Automated group generators

Last year, I blogged about creative grouping techniques. It was a post that was specifically meant for a group of teacher trainers I’d worked with. Incidentally, I don’t use these techniques very often because I usually have an LCD projector so I prefer using a random or automated group generator, which I find a lot more efficient.

random group

How does it work? 

Select a random group generator that fits your classroom (WiFi or no WiFI) and budget ($$$ or are you kiddin me). Feed in your participant or student names, hit enter or group or whatever and voila.

Paid offline 

  • Smart Notebook: This is the one I use. Dated UI but it’s got a random group generator as well as a random word generator which can be repurposed to select a person. I learnt to use it from this Youtube video.

Paid online 

  • Triptico: This is a fab app with much more than just a random group generator but connectivity is often an issue for me so I can’t invest in something that constantly requires an Internet connect.

Free offline 

  • Random group generator in Excel: Here’s one version and here’s another.  A bit dull but they do the job.  You’ll need to do some learner training though because the grouping happens in a single list with numbers, participants are perpetually confused.

Free online 

Do you know or use any automated group generators which I haven’t included? Add ’em in comments.


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