Upcoming webinars for ELT educators | Nov – Dec 2015

Stop snoozin … start learnin

Webinar snooze

I was a little caught up and missed creating a list for October but here are all the free webinars I found trawling the net and should keep us engaged till Christmas. There’s an exciting line up of IATEFL SIG webinars in November as well as the Macmillan Online Conference. I’m really looking forward to Laura Patsko’s webinar on helping learners understand a variety of native and non-native accents.

NB: An * means that you need to register for the webinar. A # indicates that it’s a plug for a coursebook or online platform or some such. Both the Tutela & Cambridge English Teacher sites require users to sign up for accounts. Not all Cambridge English Teacher webinars are available to free users. So even though you’ve registered, if you don’t pay an annual subscription, it won’t allow you to register your interest for a particular webinar. 

Let me know if I’ve missed any. 




Happy webinaring!


5 thoughts on “Upcoming webinars for ELT educators | Nov – Dec 2015

  1. Hi Adi – Great list!

    There are also free professional development webinars on EnglishAgenda: http://englishagenda.britishcouncil.org/continuing-professional-development/webinars . Coming up, we’ve got:
    Talk English – a whole community approach to learning English and integration | Michaela Salmon and Nuala Trace | Nov 6
    Integrating English into pre-primary education: the use of learning areas | Sandie Mourão | Nov 19
    Improving reading comprehension for learners with dyslexia | Bríd Ní Chatháin | Dec 15




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