TEC15 Day 2 | Video cameras in English language teaching | A quick summary

This talk was by Jamie Keddie who’s the author of Images (OUP, 2009) and Bringing Online Video into the Classroom (OUP, 2014). He is also the founder of two sites: Videotelling and LessonstreamJamie Keddie

Jamie spoke about how we are moving from video exploitation to video creation in English language teaching. So his suggestions for design tasks using videos seemed to end with productive stages that involve Ss creating their own videos.

He pointed out that Ts commonly assume that videos are only for listening but in fact videos are better used as vehicles for exploring language. Jamie illustrated this through an example. He played a mystery video i.e., a video played sans video and asked us to imagine what it might be. It sounded like someone walking on gravel with a bird-like shriek at the end. He recommended getting Ss to construct narratives around it. If Ss don’t have adequate language to talk about the clip, you could film your colleagues discussing the mystery clip and have Ss explore language in these clips.

Jamie’s mystery video happened to be the famous sneezing panda, which is the most popular video on YouTube with over 200 million views.

He then went on to talk about using video for teacher development, playing a video of his own lesson with two students in Barcelona. He asked the audience to review it and give him feedback. Using actual excerpts from the video, he suggested that as a T watching your own video, you become aware of little misses and opportunities. However, he also underscored the importance of the meta-information present in these recorded lessons which ought to be complemented by interviews with Ts talking about their videos.

His other suggestion included getting Ss to make in-video type commentary videos in the vein of PewDiePie to practise language. Jamie also seems to be inspired by an Indian YouTube director named Wilbur Sargunaraj who has some quirky videos on his channel. Lastly, he recommended using jump cuts to make video selfies by dropping the video into any video editor and editing out mistakes and bits you don’t want. The result won’t be one smooth flow but it’s got a certain appeal to it.

By the way, Jamie is doing a webinar over at IATEFL on Storytelling in the classroom on Mar 15, 2015 at 1500 GMT.


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