Karen Eini’s BeSIG workshop | A quick summary

Karen EiniYesterday’s BeSIG weekend workshop was facilitated by a teacher from Israel named Karen Eini and was titled “Breaking out of your tech comfort zone”. Although a lot of the territory Karen traversed, would have been familiar to people who follow edtech trends, she was quite the “enthu cutlet” as we often say in Indian English and the session was very engaging.

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the links, tools & resources that I found interesting:

  1. Practice prepositions of time and place using Ss’ own personal fitness apps such as their Crossfit training schedule instead of the traditional Jill Hadfield style weekly schedule cut-ups.
  2. Use QR codes to capture and review vocabulary from a lesson by using the plain text option (check the screenshot)
  3. Get Ss to use their smartphones to record vocabulary in context to listen to later.
  4. Use Speech Analyzer from SIL for visualising and practising pronunciation (credit to Jennie Wright)
  5. Use Movenote – an instant video messaging service which allows side by side interfacing with documents such as PowerPoint presentations and integration into Google.
  6. Create a group space for your class for hosting content, resources and other stuff using Wiggio.
  7. Take shareable minutes of the meeting with Minutes.io
  8. Incorporate game based learning into your lessons with Kahoot.
  9. Collect and review vocabulary online with Lingua.ly

QR code


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