Learning how to learn | An infographic

A couple of months ago, I took the Learning How to Learn MOOC from the University of California San Diego on Coursera. This was a course on cognitive strategies for learning more effectively, and addressed issues like procrastination. While it wasn’t revolutionary, the lecture videos were quirky and endearing and there were a few useful tips. The final assignment asked participants to create some kind of artefact that summarised their learning and highlighted personal take-aways so I created an infographic. If you suspect that it all sounds a little self-helpish, you would be correct although to be fair to the professors, they did try to provide empirical evidence and research to back up their assertions. The pomodoro technique, which I hadn’t heard of before, is something that I found kind of helpful – it’s one of the reasons I’ve been cranking out more blog posts. You don’t need to have an actual pomodoro timer – I’ve been using a regular kitchen timer.

Learning how to learn mooc


Please feel free to use this infographic for your learners. Here’s a PDF version.

11 Replies to “Learning how to learn | An infographic”

  1. Nice Infographic. This infographic capture all the key ingredients of the MOOC LHTL from UC, San Diego. Very good material for spreading the Learning Strategies. Thanks a lot Adi.


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