17 Upcoming MOOCs for Educators

I was looking at my record of completed courses on Coursera (sadly, it’s only three: Gamification, Fiction of Relationship and Art & Inquiry) and I was instantly motivated to go on a MOOC binge. I have a strategy now to help me deal with MOOCs.

  • Flick through ones that seem novel
  • Audit (in that first week of uni sense of the word) ones that sound interesting but not useful
  • Focus and complete ones that are tied to professional and personal goals.

Additionally, I have some time on my hands and hope to be able to use it for gloriously free and flexible self-improvement. Here are some MOOCs that I think might be relevant to educators.


How many MOOCs can you successfully stuff into your cognitive pocket?


  1. 5 Habits of Highly Creative Teachers, NWCO BOCES on Canvas Network | Started May 31
  2. Teachers Teaching Online by a whole host of ELT greats (Shelly Terrell, Graham Stanley, Marisa Constantinides, Chuck Sandy, Heike Philp and more) on WizIQ | Starts June 15
  3. Teaching goes Massive: New Skills Required, University of Zurich on Coursera | Starts June 23
  4. Teaching Online: Reflections on Practice, Kirkwood Community College on Canvas Network | Starts June 23
  5. The Entrepreneurial Educator: Designing for the 21st Century, Sonoma State University on Canvas Network | Starts June 23
  6. Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills, University of Melbourne on Coursera | Starts June 30
  7. Art & Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art, Museum of Modern Art  on Coursera | Starts July 7
  8. Learning to Teach Online, University of New South Wales  on Coursera | Starts July 28

I can’t recommend MOMA’s Art & Activity enough. I did the first instalment of this course – Art & Inquiry –  last year and got a lot of ideas on using art to develop communication activities. 

Instructional Design

  1. e-Learning Ecologies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  on Coursera | Starts June 30
  2. Statistics in Education for Mere Mortals on Canvas Network | Starts July 7


  1. Learning how to learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects, UC San Diego on Coursera | Starts Aug 1

This one sounds a bit fluffy and self-helpish but I’m intrigued nonetheless. 


  1. Greek and Roman Mythology, University of Pennsylvania on Coursera | Started June 8
  2. Fantasy and Science Fiction, the Human Mind, Our Modern World, University of Michigan on Coursera | Started June 2

You might wonder how these are relevant to educators but they are both excellent courses and I wasn’t able to follow through on them the last time I enrolled. In fact, just yesterday, I watched Professor Rabkin in Fantasy & Science Fiction give us a lesson on phonology with voiced stops et al because the Grimm Brothers were also phonologists and we explored how the glass slipper in Cinderella is a mistranslation of the French word ‘vair’ (also an arcane English word) which means squirrel fur and not ‘verre’ which means glass. Fascinating if you’re a language nerd like me. I also like the structure of the course. You read the book prescribed for the week e.g., Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, share a reflective essay for peer feedback and then video-lectures on the book are released. So you get expert confirmation on what you’ve read and the elements you’ve reflected on. 

For Learners

  1. Thinking like a Writer, Michigan State University on Canvas Network | Starts June 23
  2. Study Skills for International Students, University of East Anglia on FutureLearn | Starts June 30
  3. Talk the Talk: How to Give a Great Presentation, The Open University on FutureLearn | Starts July 21
  4. Exploring English: Language and Culture, British Council on FutureLearn | Starts Sep 1

Happy (gratuitous) learning!


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