My submission to the IH LP competition


I tried my hand at International House’s Lesson Plan Competition which is a part of their year-long 60th anniversary celebrations and whadyaknow, I came in third place (yayyyyy) but didn’t actually win anything (noooo). Sigh … as Edie Masey, one of my favourite demented characters from a John Waters film once said “Well, you can’t be lucky everyday.”  Plus I do have my very own ELT first aid box 🙂

You’ll find my lesson plan here.  Let me know what you think – the challenge was to use the theme “sixty” and follow the IH approach to lesson planning closely as laid out in their sample lesson.  I have to admit that in retrospect I only paid any attention to “sixty” in my lead-in.  Maybe, I should have bombarded the poor Ss with all things “sixty” at every stage of the lesson.


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