The New York Times called me late last night and asked me if I would commit to a last minute interview and I decided to oblige. They completely loved what I had to say and bumped me up to a front page spot!  🙂 No, I didn’t manage this with the help of Photoshop and you can have a look at what the page looks like on the web.  I signed up for the Teach the Web MOOC some time ago and skimmed the tools including X-Ray Goggles without really understanding them. It wasn’t until a couple of hours ago when I read Jonathan Sayers’ post that the awesome coolness of this tool dawned on me. Using it is effortless – just a couple of clicks – and you can add pictures as well. I really like Jonathan’s idea of transferring this into the English classroom by getting  “students to hack their favourite website and write their own content using X-Ray Goggles.”  Can’t wait to try it out! Anyone can make the headlines with X-Ray Goggles


Making headlines with X-Ray Goggles

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